I’ve already confessed to being an inspiration junkie. I also freely admit to being an insatiable student and intellectual analyst. Combine all this  together and I can become easily distracted by any new learning experience. I make no apologies for it! In fact, on this very day, I checked in on my online marketing class, attended two webinars, and consolidated my notes from a workshop of two weeks ago. If I discovered the means to be paid for attending seminars, webinars and workshopinars (just made that one up) it would be my dream job. For now, I mix this accumulative knowledge and recraft it into my own unique educational soup serving it up to senior design students and client partnerships.

Today’s creation comes from being present in one of these many workshops and participating on a level that connected directly with the speaker. I’ll be honest, I rarely ask questions in presentations, I hate wasting other peoples time on obvious observations or questions that have the answers already built into them. On some occasions however, I do connect messages in ways most others don’t see. And when my ego starts scratching at the surface I eventually blurt it out. This is exactly what happened today. I made an observation about crafted authenticity of marketing, that “authenticity is to marketing, what conversation is to conversion. Yes, an interesting play on words, but more importantly it demonstrates a key relationship between message and metrics.

So after having shared my observation via chat and later twitter, I discovered I created an authentic connection with the speaker and founder of the webinar. I realize I’m patting my ego on the back right now, but I’m owning it. I’ve worked hard to sit at this table and no one can take that away.

Anyone in fear of speaking up, casting your line, knocking at the door, I encourage you to step forward. Step forward into the spotlight and shout with all your voice “listen up.”