It’s only Wednesday and already this week has been jam packed with enough educational experiences to last the year.

A week ago I signed up with Michael Margolis’ Reinvention Summit 2 thinking…well, the speakers look good, the value looks high, the cost is manageable and if I can’t participate live, at least the 20 hours of video content will be available to watch later. I half expected the content to be glorified TED talk videos focused on storytelling, what I didn’t expect was that with every speaker’s presentation I would burn through pages in my journal with juicy nuggets of story inspired action steps to transform not only my own business, but those whom I partner with and serve.

From discovering the seductive myths of brand storytelling with Rohit Bhargova to identifying the 6 reasons why presenters fail to hold an audience’s attention and even learning how to speed read to retain more meaningful stories, this has been one of the most valuable learning experiences I’ve ever attended. Reninvention Summit 3, I’m in! Heck, I may even become more than an observer next year. If all goes as planned with my book on Visual Storytelling in Entertainment Marketing, you just might find me on the presenter roster!