If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile you know that about once a month I share around 10 of the life “lessons” learned last year through working with a business mentor, being a member of a mastermind group and taking countless seminars and workshops. Today I add another installment featuring the stories I tell myself.

76) Surrender the toxic emotion of the physical mind to pursue the essence of spirit

77) I have an addiction to feeling needed.

78) I, like other Enneagram 7s need a path to start an adventure

79) If I write intuitively, the message will be clear to those I am meant to serve

80) I’m afraid to let go of things because they represent a promise I made myself

81) If I let go more, I will create space for more

82) My intentions are far grander than my time and space

83) My curse in life is not knowing

84) My pain is my power

85) I often give too much away in fear I will be ignored or forgotten