As I look back on today and identify the one moment, the single transition, the distinct creation that indelibly marked the day with magic, I reflect on three conversations.

The first chat, in virtual form, consisted of humor, inspiration, truth and courage. As as dear friend and I attended an online summit together, yet a thousand miles apart, our hearts echoed as one as if in the same room.

The second conversation was one of those “cold calls” I often dread. This time however, I felt a magical energy as I dialed the number and sure enough a quick introduction evolved into a coffee conversation, and if the stars align, the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

Finally, the last conversation occurred with one of our company interns. She had been struggling with a school assignment for weeks, but by spending a few focused moments to guide her and shift her perspective, literally and figuratively, she transformed an outstanding idea into a extraordinary concept.

So three conversations, one of friendship, one of partnership and one of mentorship defined this creative joy in my day.