The Pin Cushion Queen.

One of my absolute favorite characters, and poems, by the brilliant Tim Burton.

“Life isn’t east for the pin cushion queen, when she sits on her throne pins push through her spleen.” This is exactly how I felt today. God was testing me today. He said, “beloved one it’s time you learn patience and express a little more compassion. I’m going to take away one of your key freelancers, I’ll make it more difficult to focus on your work and then I’ll take away something even MORE special, something you have been relying on almost everyday”…a small piece of technology that holds pieces of my heart. In other words an external hard drive containing personal photos, projects and writings…that haven’t already been backed up. I did my best to troubleshoot the technical problem and now I’m holding out for a possible savior to arrive in the mail. In the meantime I hope and pray that the coming solution will save my memories and family photos from the digital landfill.

Today’s creation comes from accepting that sometimes showing vulnerability inspires others to pick up the slack and gain their own calling for independence and confidence.

God, you designed a pretty rough day for me, but I’m still standing!