It was roughly a year ago when I remarked to my business coach that I wanted to write more, to release the insights that tap, tap, tap at the side of my brain itching to get out in some type of physical manifestation.

With 148 posts on this blog, God knows I’ve been practicing. Today all this practice resulted in a company newsletter that finally lives up to the “altitude” of my expectations. In a couple days it will be shuttled away to mailboxes across the globe thanks to the scheduler and its time machine. The only challenge, this April issue ran so late the May issue is nipping at its heels and I’ll be back in full marketing mode next week. Ah, no rest for the weary!

A brief citing from my editors letter…

The textbook definition of courage reads: “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain without fear.” Looking at the roots of the word, we discover a deeper meaning. CUER refers to the heart, a common metaphor for inner strength, and AGE signifies the formation of mass. Courage then becomes a transformation of mind, body and soul. It’s the mindfulness of making the conscious choice, not taking the unconscious path.

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