Because I could not decide on that one moment of perfect clarity or single act of artistic expression, today I share two.

The first, five hours critiquing strategy, assessing value, and cultivating truths in the artistry of 6 graphic design student portfolios. I was inspired by many, and genuinely concerned for a few. If I one message to students, one pearl of wisdom to leave behind, it would be to use every waking moment in each design course to learn how to see. I mean really SEE, to look past aesthetics and technique to message and meaning. To see past the “assignment” and look to the great value and lesson of naked truth and bare wisdom. To learn from the brilliance of other artists and absorb those lessons as your own. These are a few of the great “see”crets of life are they not?

The second creation, and therefore my double whammy for the day, is a formally written marketing strategy case study for Pixar. It’s one in a series of assignments for an online marketing course in strategic planning. Here I could finally fuse both sides of my brain in a creation that doesn’t involve picking up a Wacom Pen. Gee, I hope I earn an A on the assignment. :-)