I’ll begin by saying in the past two days my eyes cast their sights on Dreamland less than 10 hours total. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those souls who jumps up in the morning ready to launch the day with vim and verve. Quite the opposite actually. I believe I can expand time by not paying attention to the clock. The longer I lay in bed the more I invite the dream adventure to continue.

I also expand time in the evenings as well. I push myself to squeeze every morsal and juicy insight from the day. I type until my fingers forget where the key are or they relax on he key board creating nonsense. I read until my eyes can no long stay open or until the book falls from my hand to the floor. I listen to the quietness of the room and the pounding of my heart story.

So today I celebrate the creation of an early morning and a trip to the Pacific Ocean where my children and I observed the release of two rescued sea lions. A beautiful event filled with love, hope and courage…much like those friendships I carry with me EVERYDAY!