Lunch with a colleague I hadn’t seen in over 17 years became two hours of reminiscing and sharing stories of burning the midnight oil. Between 1994 and 1995 a small group of designers and account executives cut our teeth laying hundreds of black & white TV guide ads and stood by as the clocks ticked towards the sky. We had no choice but to wait for an approval while the department heads read bedtime stories to their children.

I don’t miss those days. Then again, looking back on it again today, I wouldn’t change the experience a bit. Personal bonds were firmly established, my photoshop skills amped up and I was lucky enough to help launch powerhouse TV shows like The X-Files and In Living Color. I remember one afternoon a designer and I trekked over the hill to Warner Bros Studios to direct Bruce Campbell in an episodic photoshoot – sidecar and dynamite included.

As a result of today’s lunch date I vowed to create a reunion for those TV guide design powerhouses of the 1990s. Introducing the Brisco County Club.