What an incredible experience to be lifted upon the shoulders of one’s most beloved friends and colleagues…to heights where the shift of perspective seemingly shines the mirror of inspiration back in your own direction.

This afternoon, surrounded by 3 of the most talented women in marketing, years of exploration, insight gathering and creative curration began to fuse inside me. I mean I REALLY FELT IT! I came to our group session seeking brainstorming, insight and clarity for an upcoming project and I left with an empowerment that confidently shouted “I got this!”

So tonight, the outline has begun. I’m forging a new yellow brick road, of which nuggets are scattered on overstuffed bookshelves, in tattered backpacks and across the pages of creased journals and reoccurring dreams. We will soon find ourselves running among poppies in a different kind of Emerald City, land of AHHHS! In this world, Marketing is nothing short of Remarkable.