It happens quite often. In the middle of a sentence, in the midst of a conversation or in the center of a thought I find myself grasping for words.Words that are most certainly part of my vocabulary, yet my mind has leaped father ahead and the words, they just can’t seen to keep up. One of my mentors coached me to slooooooooow down. far easier said than done. It’s likely the most difficult things for me to do. You see I usually run full speed until I simply have no more energy. I’ve always been that way. I don’t know where it comes from. I wasn’t brought up with unreasonable performances expectations, nor do I believe it’s a genetic trait.

A couple years ago I learned of the Enneagram personality assessment and discovered I am what has been identified as the Adventurer or type 7. With the type 7 comes a natural impatience for any kind of lack of activity, and in extreme cases our flurry can just as quickly shut us down. That pretty much explains why I will push myself to the peak of the mountain, to the brink of change, to the edge of the cliff just before closing my eyes for the big leap.

Today I honor the friends and colleagues who challenge me forward. Those who remind me of my core values and hold a soul mirror to my cheeks reflecting back to me that which hides in my blind spots.