For today’s creation post I’ve decided to try a little experiment so I hope you decide to join me on this interesting ride.

Okay, fact…I usually find myself writing my daily post at the end of the day between the hours of 10pm and midnight. Most days this is after many long hours serving clients, marketing the business, and coaching young artists. Some days I know exactly what I’m going to share, other days I let the invisible muse inside me draw it out. Without fail, a message always rises to the top. But many times, due to my lack of sleep, I push myself until my eyelids can no longer lift and my fingers drop lazily on the keyboard. Often I end up dozing off in the middle of a sentence.

Currently there are 12 regular subscribers to my posts. I admit one of them is me, or perhaps my soul mirror ego that likes to read up on my rantings the next morning. Every morning I read the post again just in case there’s a glaring grammar issue or blessed typo. I’ll be honest, I usually find something  I wish I had caught the night before. So tonight, this experiment, this creative gift is dedicated to my loyal subscribers who may read an automated post and wonder what the heck I was trying to say.

Tonight instead of editing out the odd ramblings and the letter “b” flying across the screen because I dozed off while writing, tonight I have left in the imperfections, typos, odd phrases that seem to come from nowhere. I am leaving them in so we can all witness the journey I take each night – naked faults and all.

One of the explorations I head off on every night is reviewing online articles relating to storytelling, branding and inspirational books. I also manage personal and business Pinterest accounts and a private LinkedIn group. This incessant sharing, absorption of content isn’t breeding a dependence on the activity to validate my worth. It has however created a sense of urgency as if I’m chasing a clock literally running out of time. My desire to follow up with my commitments, to wedge in time for everything I’ve started has created cracks in the road of this journey’s pavement.

After wrapping up a post, I may meander through the halls of Facebook, have an occasional chat or two with friends, then switch off the electronics and turn towards the nightstand where I keep a stack of…oh let’s just say 5 or six books taunting me with the deliciousness on their pages. By this time, if I’m lucky, I may get through a chapter or two before the book falls over the edge of the bed and onto the floor. I feel my breathing slow down, my eyelids become heavy and more difficult to keep open.  When I’m reading one of these books I no longer treat it as precious artwork not to be tainted. Now I freely underline, circle, star and box words and phrases to my heart’s content. These books become my tools, my side excursions along my life’s journey. I don’t care if anyone will someday want the books for their own. Their greatest value to me in is the notes and observations I add to the pages.

Blessed be, I tried this experiment and now my mind simply won’t lay to rest. It fights me.

One of the other aspects about each of these posts is that I will add a photo to begin each message. Sometimes the image has a meaning that corresponds to the message, other times it’s simple a photo I took during that day’s adventure. For today’s post I wanted to come up with a visual related to the idea of an experiment, yet nothing really connected for me. Instead, a doodle I had in my journal turned into an idea then became a photoshop novelty…hence today’s image I call the “Power of Love.”

Well, night one of this experiment has failed miserasbly. I believe I’m trying so hard to make it happen that I’m blocking my own path to rest. It would’t be the first time I got in my own way.  I could easily keep writing nonsensical blabber, but I will spare you dear reader. you have been patient enough with me. Just beware that this sleep deprived gremlin may show up again in a future post. When you see him, or rather read his blabber, have yourself a little chuckle, for you’ll know the inside story!