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Every 12th day of the month I share an intuitive writing exercise. This month I share twelve thoughts from my perspective…as a mom.

1) As a mom, the most important lesson I can teach my children is to make choice from conscience and heart.

2) As a mom, I will never forget the sweetness in the sound of my childrens’ first laugh.

3) As a mom, no sea, no mountain, no space of time or distance will keep my love from reaching my childs’ heart.

4) As a mom, I embrace the mess of children as the process of making magic and memories.

5) As a mom, I want my children to accept that making mistakes is part of life’s grand adventure.

7) As a mom, I will always be right here, through thick and thin – to ride alongside my children as they journey through life’s challenges & victories. I will also be the one cheering loudest when they soar off on their own chosen destiny.

7) As a mom, there is no sight more peaceful than that of a sleeping child.

8) As a mom, I thank my children for teaching me patience.

9) As a mom, I have been blessed to relive the innocence of youth and the magic of dreams.

10) As a mom, I see now through the eyes of my mother.

11) As a mom, there is no gift greater than what I’ve already received through the love of my children.

12) As a mom, this day, this moment, is exactly where I want to be.