There is nothing more precious in the world to a mother than her children. They are indeed the Gods and Goddesses of their world. I am so lucky to have been blessed with one of each. Happy, loving, caring children.

My son tonight in particular has the most incredible insight and I can always count on him to have clear perspective on people’s behavior. Tonight he said one of the most amazing things to me. We were talking about the concept of turning back time and he said “I wouldn’t want to turn back time. I’m exactly where I want to be.” From the mouths of babes my sweet little boy was reminding me of the love and power in presence. He is indeed a benevolent God in my eyes.

My daughter now, she is but the definition of Goddess. Stunning, bright, filled with life and light, yet as stubborn as Athena. Like all Goddesses, she will have her way one way or another. She is the consummate negotiator and can create anything her mind imagines…the favorite tool these days is duct tape.

Today, a couple days before Mother’s Day 2012, I honor these two beautiful babies who have far too quickly grown into responsible and caring pre-teens. May they forever believe in fairy tales, pixie dust and the Gods and Goddesses who have come before them.