Yesterday while at the grocery store the checker asked me how I was planning to spend Mother’s Day. “In bed,” I replied. The woman in line behind me laughed and asked if I “could really do that, spend the whole day in bed.”  “Absolutely! I work really hard during the week and I have no problem making up for it one day every once in awhile.” So I make no apologies for relaxing in the comfort of my own bed until almost noon today. Yes noon! It was lovely. At 8am, my children brought to me a tray with homemade blueberry pancakes, orange juice and fresh fruit. My son proceeded to hand me a gift bag with a beautiful necklace and flower ring and my daughter wrote the most heartfelt poem. And then to top it all off, they let me relax…for hours! No calls to make them breakfast. No cries “mom I’m bored” or “mom will you help me with this.”

For the next three hours I savored the peace and quiet of morning. I texted dear friends to wish them happy wishes for Mother’s Day and finished one of the many books stacked upon my nightstand. Later, I took my morning shower, gave myself a facial and lazily made my way downstairs. No weekend ever goes by without a few chores, fortunately for today it was simply a load of laundry in and a casserole for dinner. I then enjoyed playing cards with my daughter “The Skipbo Queen” and caught the film “The Vow” with my mother. As the hours move closer towards to the time when I will once again rest upon the sheets and pillows of bed I acknowledge all the gifts motherhood has brought to me – presence and patience, resilience through change and growth, boundless devotion, and at times superhuman strength. I love being a mom and wouldn’t trade it for the world!