I used to think I had all the time in the world. Now I’m not saying I was or am a procrastinator, far from it actually, but during this past year I have come to respect time from a whole new perspective. So today’s creation is a look back, a reflection of time in all its glory and pestilence.

The Time Juggler

Time, you illusive magician,
ticking silently, robbing me of yesterday,
tricking me with the promise of tomorrow.
Time, you gracious beast
cheating all with your seductive ways
fleeting each dream until madness takes control.
Time, you valiant warrior
forward you charge, steady, unforgiving
onward I race in a relentless chase of hope.
Time, you patient guardian
protecting stories of future adventures
projecting fragments of memories lost forever.
Time, you omnipotent God
holding mankind’s richest treasure
folding years to most, seconds to some.
Time, you persistent fool
forever we ride against torrent waves
together we glide to radiant shores and sing from the top of our lungs.