Yup, that’s right! That’s my boy. On stage. House of Blues! How completely cool is that?!

Back in the day when I sat behind the drum kit one of my most memorable experiences was performing at Disneyland on the Carnation Plaza stage. The thrill of being on stage, getting one shot to nail the perfect performance and the adrenaline that catapulted my hands across the tom-toms in a terrifying drum solo – I miss those days of innocent youth, untapped potential and the promise of bigger stages and larger audiences. It was really difficult not to sing or bounce as I captured this memory of my son’s debut performance. More than anything, I just wanted to perform right there alongside him. My drumset is lovingly packed away in the garage just waiting for me to pull it out again after 20-ish years of silence. Perhaps that day will come again. For now, I thank my son and his music school for rekindling that spark inside my musical heart and the magical energy of a live performance.