As I reflect back on the day to pinpoint the single creation I want to recognize as #167 I realize the day was sprinkled with a wide variety of creations, no one more important than another. So today I have chosen to simple list them in order of their appearance. Nothing fancy, just a typical day in the life of me.

1) Breakfast…nothing fancy but yet a morning ritual

2) New business conversation, and another project from my favorite client.

3) Mastermind skype call with a trifecta of the most creatively brilliant women I know. I feel so honored to call them not just than colleagues, I call them friends.

4) Finish writing a marketing case study for the latest online course I am tackling. Thank goodness for an enlightening conversation with a multicultural marketing colleague and the book The Culture Code.

5) Class final grade evaluations…8 more down, one more student at the tipping point of failing in need of a coming to Jesus conversation.

6) Review on-going projects with employees and create the authority for them to own their work. New “Dream Career” worksheet nearly completed.

7) Wrap up email conversations for the day.

8) Dance lessons…new choreography with the incredibly talented Jonathon Roberts.

9) Calm my daughter down after a dinner-time trauma.

10) Attend mandatory class webinar…not really an effective use of time.

11) Lose again at Skipbo to my daughter…dinner time trauma forgotten thank goodness.

12) Wrestle with son…we’re about the same size now so he can nearly take me down.

13) Tuck kids in bed.

14) Break out 10 super sharp pencils, a tracing pad and let the hand lettering creative juices unfold.

15) Take the last sips of wine, write the blog post, hit the sheets.