True story.

About three weeks ago an uncommon email slid in between a LinkedIn Independent Filmmaker Group update and writing workshop eblast. Subject matter…“We haven’t met…but.” Now, usually when I receive an email like this my finger hits the delete key lickety split, but there was something about this one that kept my finger off the trigger. There was an unspoken sincerity in the message…an invitation just to have a conversation. I wasn’t being asked to consider a vacation timeshare, switch my long distance plan, or consider hiring a new freelancer. No, they simply wanted to learn my perspective on changes facing entertainment marketing. There was clarity and intelligence in the message and something told me to humor the invitation.

I think I’ve been pretty fortunate when it comes to “stranger danger.” With the exception of two awkward experiences at around 13, I’ve never been in a situation where I felt unsafe around people I did not know. I won’t call it paranoia but I’m most present and observant when I’m alone in an unusual environment…explains why I like to travel and create new experiences…both keep me on my toes. Anyway, I will admit I did conduct a  “Holmes” style investigation before I made a final commitment to saying yes. I checked out their Linked In profile and discovered we had some “shared connections.” Two quick phone calls to mutual friends resolved any questions in my head “he‘s a good guy” one of them said…and that’s all I needed to know.

We ALL know how precious time is. It’s mankind’s single most valuable possession…and like a beating heart, we all have it in common. We start out with a fixed amount. At “times”  it moves at a crawling pace. Remember being a kid and thinking the first day of summer vacation was eons away? When we’re happy, joyous and enjoying the company of friends and family “time flies.” And in spite of the new “time bank” phenomena and popular science fiction stories we can’t “buy” more time. We spend it and we never get it back.

In the case of this particular conversation a “casual lunch” seemed like just the right balance of time investment and practicality. It was what I would call a conversation of mutuality. We went straight past formalities and launched directly into sharing our passion, our insights and our visions for the future of marketing. Sharing personal challenges and our loving families also entered our stories and two and a half hours later it was one of those “time flies” afternoons.

I cherish this new friendship, as I do all relationships that lift me to discover new perspectives and mirror a reflection of the truths I believe in. Today I celebrate clicking that email, opening my heart to face the unknown and allowing myself to be abundantly present in the moment.