Raising two beautiful, talented, sensitive, incredible kids is by far my most blessed joy. Most nights after work we share dinner, a little homework studying and a friendly game of Skipbo. Other nights I become referee to two bouting contestants in television remote wars, the “I’m taking a bath first” races, and the all too famous “he/she’s touching me” shouting matches. Eventually the battle always ends in the same way, with a single word and a firm raise of the hand “ENOUGH!”

Well today it was time to raise that hand in my own direction. One of my most dearest loving friends sent an email today reminding me it was time for to give myself a stern hand and say ENOUGH!

I’m loving enough.

I’m wise enough.

I’m generous enough.

I’m creative enough.

I’m passionate enough.

I’m successful enough.

I don’t need anything else to fulfill me. There are no more books I need to read, seminars I need to take, lectures I need to listen to, lessons I need to master, mountains I need to climb. None of that will ever give me more than what I already am.

So today my original plans went a little awry as I was faced with wrapping up some good old fashioned retouching…a task requiring a very specific group of skills but no deep thinking. I welcomed the change of pace because it quieted my overactive imagination and the stories I invent in my head…and boy there’s an entire library stored in there.