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I begin by being.

For today I am being…chased by what Angi Sullins calls a “detractor,” what Eckhart Tolle calls the “pain body,” and what my daughter and I call the “monster in the head.” This noisy, impatient, gluttonous, ravenous, irrational beast who thrives on made up stories of angst, woe, abandonment, guilt and unworthiness. A cruel, malevolent, pain-ridden fiend who must find its end.

A dear friend shared an observation today that I will never forget. She said that I don’t like endings. You read me oh too well soul mirror! Yes, that’s usually me the last one to leave the party, the one who eeks out every ounce of wisdom until out of exhaustion the book falls from my hands, the one who doesn’t want the movie to end, the book to reach the last page, the kids to graduate, the trip back home, the appetite to be suppressed, the urge to be fulfilled.  Yes dear friend, I can always count on you to reflect my true nature, reveal my blind spots and love me in spite of it all. You give me strength, courage, unconditional support, wisdom, inspiration all the tools I need to battle on each day stronger and wiser. I thank you for being.

Today I celebrate the creation of a friendship I’ve waited a lifetime to discover and the ONE thing I will NEVER let go.