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“Be brave…for just five more minutes.”

And when those five minutes are up and I feel time drowning my light, draining my energy and stealing my power…I say it again.

“Be brave…for just five more minutes.”

Sometimes that’s all it takes to keep my focus on presence, on the here, the now and NOT what could have been or what might be. Bravery is a focused choice, not a reaction or default. Bravery means setting aside logic, expectation and procrastination to blast through, across and around obstacles placed in front of us.

Today I celebrate passing along this call to action, this heroine’s tale, to a dear loved one in need of her own five minutes of bravery! Five minutes is all it takes for the sun to crest above the horizon and shine its glorious light on a new day. Five minutes for a temper to fade and peace to enter the room. Five minutes for a heart to settle its quickened beat. Five minutes of focused attention to make a life-altering decision a lifesaving commitment.