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Over the past few months a consistent theme has threaded through my reading, inspiration gathering, and conversations. Actually, I believe it’s always been with me, but now my observational lenses have put focus on it.


Such a simple word, a single syllable, so complete it contains both the I and ME of being. Writers, filmmakers, spiritualists build stories and theories around it. We spend our days without ever knowing when we will reach the bottom of its well. We look back in time, retracing our memories looking to it for clarity, comfort, a sense of identity. We look forward in time with hope that life will be “normal”, debts will be paid, problems will be resolved, kids will be just that little bit more independent, love will find its way back. Today, now, this present moment is the only time that holds meaning for me. I no longer look at time as a shadow of my past, or projection of my future. Time is me and it fills me with now..

Today I celebrate the choices I make in the present moment and the beauty, friendships and love they create in my life.