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Tin Man, Tin Man, inside your cage of steel,
hides a severed heart longing to heal.
With armor cast of anger and weight,
pain binds your body, your touch, your gait.
Tin Man, Tin Man, few know of your ordeal,
the battle enraged and days you kneel.
Weeping in silence, corroding from inside,
blow against blow for family and pride.
Tin Man, Tin Man the deep sacrifice you reveal,
only damage you further and cause blood to congeal.
Seek comfort from loved ones, family and friends
they see the man inside, his light transcends.
Tin Man, Tin Man you labor so hard to conceal,
your gentle touch, loving heart, soul genteel.
Days now cold and black with hate,
escape from this prison you choose to create.
Tin Man, Tin Man in your nightmare so unreal,
twisting, spinning, ratcheting over justice’s wheel.
Time is the great healer to an inconceivable toll,
and the broken family that was once whole.
Tin Man, Tin Man cast away your past, the future is real,
you may choose to ignore, but you cannot steal.
Look beyond the caged walls of your world,
joy and peace awaits when love is unfurled.
Tin Man, Tin Man with your mighty ax full of zeal.
striking without mercy, without choice or repeal.
Raise your blade upon your own dark pain,
and cut the bonds of manipulative gain.
Tin Man, Tin Man I beseech and appeal,
burst from every seal to once again feel.
Reach inside that heart once filled with love,
and the Holy Spirit guiding from above.