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There’s a book, actually a journal of sorts, in which I write only 5 lines each day. 365 Questions. 5 Years. 1825 answers. Today’s question…“What makes a good friend.” The first year I wrote an answer it read “Someone who listens, gives honest, unfiltered comments and respects my time as much as their own.” Another time I wrote ‘They call or text just to say ‘hello’ or ‘I miss you.’” This year, I added “Unconditional support, someone who points out our blind spots in a loving way. Someone I love unconditionally.

When I was younger, during grade school and college years, creating a lasting relationship was very challenging. Let’s just say I had repeated underlying trust issues with  ‘friends’ especially when it came to women. My heart had been broken many times by boys, one in particular broke it many times, but no one broke it more than girls I called friends. As a result, I became more independent, self-reliant and resilient. I focused on art and music, I read a lot, in fact I guess one might say I became my own best friend.

Today, at the age of 47 I’ve discovered the magic, beauty, and love of true friendship. It nourishes and comforts. It lightens and enlightens my heart. It fills me with presence. It’s my soul mirror.

And, it’s been worth the wait.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me Goddesses!