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Falling in love.

The first home.


Children’s birth.

Building a career.

Writing a novel.

Uncovering inner wisdom.

Discovering presence.

Each signify a moment in transformation of mind, body and soul. Of course, there are many more we cocoon and wiggle through in transformation, but these are just a few of the common life journeys we each traverse across. Often times we are accompanied on these quests by family and friends. Other times we are destined to treck along on our own devices.

We run out of breath. We lose site of our passion. We grow tired, even weak. Sometimes, we even give up.

But, if we’re lucky, we create powerful friendships and allies along the way. They point out our personal strengths. You know, the ones we can’t see because we’re too close to the fire. They bare their own vulnerabilities so that we may in turn support them when the time comes. This is what it means to be human. It’s not about how much money we make, where we travel, or how many cars are parked in the driveway. It’s the quality of our relationships that define the legacy we leave behind.

Although I was lucky enough to have some very loving friendships when I was young,  nothing compares to the quality of relationships now. Today I honor those dear loved ones, students and mentors, friends and family who bravely endure their own journey. I am humbled to walk alongside you.

You inspire me. You push me. You fulfill me.