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It’s all relative you know. Just when we begin to think we can’t handle any more, conflict proves us wrong and God places more upon our shoulders. Lucille Ball once said “if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.” How about if you want to test the limits of tolerance, ask an impatience person. Or, if you want to inspire transformation, ask the caterpillar. Inspiration. Imagination. Innovation. None are possible without a core desire to think big and imbue a personal belief system.

I believe it is our destiny and responsibility as a human being to care for our personal being, to live each moment in the present moment and become a soul mirror when our fellow man is in pain. Today’s creation comes from honest conversation, supportive concession and unconditional confidentiality. Presence, attention and patience are far more more healing than any form of sorcery or circumstance. It is where strength and confidence are born. It is where love thrives. Whether we are in conversation with a colleague, congratulating a friend or consoling a family member, we begin the healing process by first listening.