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The past couple weeks have certainly tested my limits, both mentally and emotionally. When another unexpected challenge falls upon me I work hard to reassure myself that God gives us only what we are capable of handling – no more, no less. This afternoon a dance colleague and I chatted briefly and as he opened the conversation with a simple question of how I was doing, I thought to myself…do I stay authentic or do I tell the truth? Do I simply stay complacent like filmmaker Adam Baker explores in his documentary, “I’m Fine, Thanks”? Or do I touch on something real, meaningful and relevant? I chose to say the very same quote about what God gives us and like the great competitor and coach he is David said in his lovely German accent “Aren’t we supposed to push ourselves past our limits? Always?”

I thanked him for reminding me to untether those limitations I cast around me. They cannot ground me. They do not feed me. They will not stop my dreams from coming true and my voice to shout loudly I BELIEVE!

So today I create around me a womb of gratitude towards all those people, opportunities, challenges, obstacles, and mysteries that push my sense of limitation.

Thank you loving family, devoted friends, enlightening mentors, gifted employees, dedicated students, shelter to protect my family, food that nourishes my body, authors who feed my soul, educators who inspire me daily, happy-go-lucky Starbucks Drive Thru personnel, grade school room moms, and lest not forget the banks, real estate agents, attorneys, property managers, county officers, social security bureaucrats, misguided marketing professionals. You have each pulled at the elastic of my limits and triggered an unexpected transformation. Muah! Thank you!