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I used to look at the act of creation as something that results in a physical manifestation. This could mean a beautiful painting, an emotional sculpture, a well-marketed poster design, or a best-selling novel. Actually creation is much simpler and less daunting than most assume. We create everyday through change.

Our bodies change. When we exercise our body sends blood to our muscles creating energy and strength. When we neglect our bodies through inactivity or an ailment our bodies lose muscle tone and create fat.

Our minds change. I used to think if I could squeeze one more book on the shelf, one more toy in my closet, one more helping on my plate, one more adventure into my day I would be satisfied. This is called gluttony. Now, I know I will never be completely healed of this “sin.” It’s part of my make up. I don’t apologize for it. But I make different decisions because I’m aware of it. My mind has changed and my behavior follows.

Our hearts change. I colleague of mine one said “I never want kids.” In fact, he was so committed to this belief that he used it as a screening method in dating. I’ll bet some really incredible women passed by his life. When he did meet the right woman, fell in love and married, lo and behold a child soon followed. Without a doubt this was a challenging adjustment to make, but his heart led him through it and he became a loving and committed father.

Creation requires energy. Energy requires focused attention. Attention requires us to slow down and listen. When we slow down and listen we hold the power to change the world. And change is good!

Today my children and I took another trip to Disneyland park. This makes 3 times in one week. Yes, I’m a themepark-aholic. Seems like we just can’t get enough of the new Carsland. As we stood in line for Radiator Springs Racers ride I said to my daughter that I had likely stood in that same spot 40 years ago…although it would have been a parking lot at the time. What happened over 40 years? CHANGE! And look at the wonderful new memories it was creating!

Vroom, vroom!