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Part of my life journey is to become completely fearless. What are my greatest fears? First and foremost any pain that comes to my children either psychological or physical is at the top of the list. But then I would expect this from any responsible parent. Next down on the list is of course any harm or pain that would come to my family members and friends. As far as my own personal fears I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this lately and have come to the conclusion that short of a scuba diving phobia, my only fear is of running out of time. It’s not death I fear, but the mortality of not experiencing everything on my overflowing bucket list. Taking my son to Japan and my daughter to Paris for their 16th birthdays, finishing my novel, accomplishing my business marketing goal, getting out all the ideas in my head to help artists, filmmakers and truthful marketers, consuming the books on my shelves,

Within every fear and challenge we find change. To embrace this change within challenge takes work…a lot of work! As Seth Godin comments in his blog “Most of the day is spent in little work. Clerical, bureaucratic, meetings, polishing, improving, reacting, responding. The obligation is to carve out time for the big work. The big work that scares you, that brings risk, that might very well fail.” So today I offer five thoughts on what it takes to embrace change no matter where it finds you and where it takes you.

  1. People only change when they make the decision to change. No matter what friends and family may say to convince otherwise, we must be ready and willing to assume full responsibility for our own decision.
  2. People embrace change when the reward exceeds their current situation or status.
  3. People pay attention to change when the direction is supported by valued persons.
  4. Change requires convertible and resourceful competence, knowledge and skills required by the change.
  5. People tend to change either through a series of small steps or as a total change in their way of life.

So as we face each new day, business endeavor or creative adventure, be assured to find change within each challenge. Offer gentle greetings, shake its hand, perhaps even offer it a cup of coffee. That little change just may become your biggest personal benefactor.