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With this final entry of  101 lessons from 2011 I offer insight from a 4th grader, contemplations of past and future, and my most profound lesson which continues to guide me each day. I’m considering publishing a book containing all 101 pearls of wisdom along with visual cues and expanded written commentary. I would love to know if this would inspire you.

93) Building a 4th Grade California mission school project is a child’s first step to learning problem solving on a grand scale. From thinking about the big picture first, to planning each minute detail, building a mission that’s fair worthy quality requires resourcefulness, planning, courage to make effective choices and above all patience.

94) Reflecting on the past can bring both comfort and disappointment while projecting into the future can inspire or intimidate. It’s our right to choose which side our fate (Focused Attention of Time and Energy) lies.

95) New relationships in our personal AND business life are created by raising curiosity.

96) It takes somewhere between 7-14 touchpoints before one remembers us. That’s seven class sessions before one remembers our name, seven or more tweets for every new follower and at least seven enewsletters before a new business prospect pays attention to your company,

97) Comparison is the thief of all joy. We are each unique, beautiful and compassionate beings. The minute we compare ourselves to others we forget the miracle we each are.

98) If I love myself more, I will want less. (see previous post about the lessons of being a seven)

99) If I destroy everything I won’t look back. Torches, self imposed earthquakes and avalanches not required.

100) If it’s not a “Fuck yeah” then it’s a no. Apologies for the language, but there is no other way to say this with the same meaning. It sounds better when it’s said aloud to. Try it now, with feeling!

…drumroll please…

101) I will know what to do when I know what I want to be.