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Lately I’ve been having reoccurring dreams of washed out bridges, flooded streets, crocodile infected waters, and stormy ocean cruises. In these dreams I find myself searching for high ground, alternate routes and answers for the adverse weather. It doesn’t take a psychologist to analyze the meaning of these subconscious creations. I realize these are all metaphors for the perfect storm I navigate each day.

Like all adventures, I baton down the hatches, hoist up the main, secure all the lifeboats and weather the storm knowing it will eventually subside and the glorious day on the other side will be worth every aching muscle and drenched overcoat. Also like all true adventures, I secretly long for these storms to test my courage, challenge my strength and really get my blood flowing.

Today’s creation comes from three legs of this journey. First, an unexpected detour on the business of entertainment marketing cast my sail to the land of digital illustration. At this point I can’t share much more except thousands of fans will get their hands on it at this year’s Comic-Con. The second leg of today’s tour led me to a captain’s dinner with the grand admiral…Mom! I treasure these hours when it’s just mom and I reminiscing her childhood memories, sharing my children’s latest wonders and debating the great meaning of life. Finally, as I wrap up here, during the sunset hours of today’s journey, I give thanks to you dear reader. You tolerate my often egoic ramblings, chime in with supportive messages and inspire me to give more every day.

…Throwing air kisses across the winds to each and everyone of you!