Every once in awhile I have one of those incredibly diverse and powerful days that test my compassion, commitment, and courage.

Compassion begins with acceptance of situations and people in the deepest need for change, but are reluctant to take the steps to make change happen. Be it family members, friends, or other personal or professional relationships it’s important to remain supportive and compassionate as others go through their personal transformation. Like a caterpillar blossoming into the beautiful butterfly, change happens on its own timetable and circumstances. It cannot be forced, so as a witness to the birth of a freer winged soul, we must observe and support through compassion and unconditional support. Often times that transformation may be staring back at us in the mirror and by God it’s okay to smile and say “awesome job!”

Commitment is the ultimate form of trust in our relationships and to ourselves. For me, today, this came in the form of two proposals, one for  practical needs and a second for a new creative endeavor near and dear to my heart. I’ve put 100% of my focused attention to both commitments and I couldn’t be prouder of the results.

Courage is the state of being where disbelief takes a back seat right next to those stories we tell ourselves. As our more adventurous spirit takes the helm and navigates us to the twinkling light along the flooded black horizon, we embrace faith and learn to let go of the weights that keep us buoyed in place.

Finally I wish to extend my deep felt appreciation to the bloggers who have helped me reach 100 likes status. When I began this process of releasing my daily creations who knew my writing would connect to anyone other than my personal friends. If you are following this blog, would you be so kind as to share what article, comment or creation has inspired you enough to want to hear my musings everyday? If I learn from you  the thread that connects us I can work on strengthening that bond moving forward.

May compassion, commitment and courage inspire you to continue reaching for distant stars.