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Just over a year ago my business mentor asked me what it was that I really wanted. It was one of the toughest questions I’ve ever been asked. Ask me the five rules of visual composition,  how to stitch realistic fruit using stumpwork, or how to troubleshoot internet networking issues and I can walk most people through the solution. But ask me to tell someone, anyone the one thing I want, and my voice and mind go mute.

The one answer I was able to confidently say was I wanted to write better. My mentor suggested writing letters to three people I want to work with. Another suggestion was to write to a fictitious loved one everyday. Or, keep a journal and give myself only twenty minutes to complete a page each day.

Flash forward 12 months and today has been the most creatively diverse week of writing I’ve ever experienced. From business financial plan, new educational course proposal, book review, poem, monthly newsletter, and tonight #211 blog post, writing has become part of my daily ritual and it gives me the greatest satisfaction.

Truly emotional and profound writing comes from a real life experiences and dedication to connect those experiences to a community of believers. Words must come effortlessly, from the heart and without an editing process. Today I celebrate creating the space for my one “want” and the satisfaction that it’s finally been articulated into words.