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So I had another one of my wild brainstorm ideas today – another book! I’m not quite sure where I’ll steal away the time to write it, but I think it would be worth every effort. Below I share where my inspiration came from.

One of my creative mentors, Marshall VanDruff is the king of metaphors. His lectures on drawing the anatomy, composing a painting, or analyzing the creative process are always filled with the richest bits of creative allegory and analogy. One of his most memorable quotes is “stories are metaphors for life.” Actually I’ve heard this expression from others before including Robert McKee, but no educator has ever given deeper meaning and context than Marshall.

Today my children and I ran errands including long overdue shopping for clothes – seriously, what causes these kids grow exponentially over the summer? I think it has something to do with being exposed to the sun more and textbooks less. Anyway, as we were exiting the mall I noticed a merry-go-round at one end of the building and as the horses chased each other in circles I thought about how much it seemed like a metaphor for life – a menagerie of creatures, riding through ups and downs, spinning fast at times until  it slows down long enough to pick up new passengers. From the outside this community seems to ride about with a careless ease but from an insider’s view the horizon blurs into a kaleidoscope of color like patches on a family quilt.

What other experiences, places and things would you consider a metaphor for life?