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In 1978, I was just getting introduced to the band Genesis. Looking back I couldn’t recall what would have been the first song I heard, but I would venture to guess it would have been “Follow you, Follow me.” Ironically, this song showed up on my playlist as I began today’s post.

You see, it’s been 215 days since I began writing my musings to learn to let go a little more each day and make room for the new blessings that lie ahead. It was never my intention to be too precious or precocious with these creations…I’ve become quite vulnerable at times, perhaps a touch literal at others, but always truthful in sharing my passions and beliefs.

Over the months, I’ve been blessed to meet many wonderful writers, artists and entrepreneurs along the way…some of which now follow me and my musings here. I realized that I’ve only recently connected with many of these wonderfully gifted and talented bloggers in the past couple weeks and feel it’s time to take a little snapshot of my favorite blog posts from the past 215 days to capture the essence of who I am, why I muse, and the transformation I’m undertaking.

This first post in December 2011 is an example of raw beginnings. Not knowing where this journey would take me, but trusting in the process and my desire to focus being a creator. Short and sweet, it captures one of the most joyous benefits of living my life…building meaningful relationships.

Creation 52 came nearly two months later and captures the artist often hidden under the cloak of a business woman. The being who likes to get paint on her clothes and chalk under her nails. What’s most exciting to me about this particular post is that it documents my first steampunk painting which has since been exhibited in my college alumni art gallery and is now on tour to at least two other galleries across the U.S.

Anyone who knows me personally, particularly those friends of the past 30+ years, knows that for many years I studied music and once considered becoming a studio drummer. It’s a lengthy story why this didn’t come to pass and although I have no regrets of the path I chose, I do look back fondly on the days when I was completely infatuated with Genesis and Phil Collins, playing drums to his music everyday. This post pays homage to those feelings of a young woman becoming an artist and letting go of past ambitions. I recommend reading this post while listening to a little Genesis. This is one of my absolute favorite songs to sing, play drums to and let my body absorb every word and note.

Above all, my greatest joy has been being a mother to two of the most amazingly talented, well-balanced, respectful loving kids on the planet. Yes, of course I’m bias and I make no apologies for it. Creation 179 is one of the gifts I leave my children, documented in the webisphere for all of eternity.

One of the biggest surprises that came out of some personal pain from 2011 was that hidden inside this musician, illustrator, designer, business owner and educator was a writer bleeding to come out. On occasion, I’ve shared a few of my poems here as a means to test them I guess one might say, and see if they resonate with others. As in the case of some of my paintings, I wrote these poems as therapy to release trapped emotions and give them a life outside my body. This particular poem is one of my favorite.

Lessons from 2011 is a collection of short thoughts assembled from various workshops, seminars, mentoring sessions and personal observations. As an educator, I tend to collect all sorts of bits of wisdom so that one day I may pass them along to students, colleagues and friends in need of insight from my personal experience. I’ve been collecting another set of nuggets for 2012 and between these two years I think I could create a pretty powerful little book.

And finally, the last entry I would like to share was just created a few days ago and is called Metaphors for Life. It’s funny as I reflect where this idea came from it seemed as if many things in my life came into perfect alignment…working with my mentors, writing, blogging, building relationships and creating something so new and so meaningful that I could never have imagined it without experiencing the previous 211 days. I have so much to be thankful for this rising up and showing itself to me.

Thank you bloggers and readers for connecting, listening and learning a little more about where I, and my blog are coming from. I feel honored to be a small part of your daily inspiration and look forward to continuing that to greater heights.

Oh, one more thing, if you ever wonder about the pictures that lead each entry, those come from some aspect of my day and I take the phone with my iphone through Instagram. Today’s photo…a concert ticket from one of those Phil Collins concerts from 1985…ahh, the good old days banging on the Tama Drums and crooning to Phil! :-)

Cheryl :-)