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Each of us here, walking this planet, living our hopes, casting our dreams, whether we realize it or not we become a mentor to at least one other soul following in our path. Roads we tread become a little further worn. Words we assemble into our stories become shared through new perspectives. Creations we craft become interpreted from another’s eyes. Choices we make become lessons for our children, friends and colleagues. Yes, whether or not it’s our intention to lead by example, we do!

Today’s creation comes two-fold. First of all I have made a commitment that in the next seven days I will have completely read four books which have lined my shelves for months. I’ve created the space, defined my commitment and created accountability (three simple secrets for accomplishing anything). Second, I began today by soaking in the wisdom of mentor to mentors Steve Chandler and his book “Time Warrior.” I underlined sentences, starred key thoughts, circled entire paragraphs worth revisiting, boxed words that need even more focused attention – I worked my way through the book with head, heart and hand in sync.

I encourage anyone facing procrastination, self-doubt, and over-commitment to invest in the time to absorb and apply Steve’s wisdom. There are so many wonderful nuggets woven into his 101 short chapters, so selecting only three to share here was a challenge in and of itself…but here goes.

#1) “All fear comes from picturing the future. Putting things off increases that fear.”

#2) “Situations don’t cause feelings.” A “situation” has no meaning until we wrap a story around it.

#3) “More than ever before, focus is vital. Uninterrupted time is the portal through which we NOW succeed. Not the flurry of multitasking and chaos.”

There are hundreds more of these lovely little gems in Steve’s work which combines bits of Carl Jung, Eckhart Tolle and Joseph Campbell. Take a look at his site and 30+ books if this insight inspires you as much as it has me.