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A couple days ago I mentioned my mission this week was to check off 4 books from my reading list. Today, my reading alternated between Jonah Lehrer’s revolutionary scientific look at creativity Imagine to Danielle LaPorte’s heat seeking, soul burning The Firestarter Sessions. As I rotated between these two completely different bodies of work I realized how strikingly different my mind works. How much importance I place on balancing my logical, rational, scientific research appetite with my emotional, instinctual, soul-centered thirst.

Lehrer discusses Friedrich Nietzsche’s two distinct creative archetypes. The first archetype is the Apollonian Artist or the convergent thinker who looks for patterns, direct associations and relevant data to focus in on the problem solving task. The second is the Dionysian Drive which embraces the unconscious, chaotic, divergent state of mind or, in other words, the type of thinking that allows for spontaneity, unexpected interruption and radically different trains of thought. As I look deeper into these two archetypes I discovered that not only do I freely shift from one archetype to another, that these two different forms of creativity even rise up through my reading. You see I would consider Lehrer’s book the Apollonian Artist and LaPorte’s the more Dionysian. So digesting these two incredibly powerful books simultaneously perfectly balances my two frames of mind.

I can name dozens more examples of this type of contrast that keeps my life balanced. I’m sure before long many more will show up here as the days unfold. Today I celebrate creating this awareness and connecting these archetypes to my own work soon to be revealed.