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I’ve been holding a secret for some time now. For those who know me personal, this may not come as a surprise, but I’m a closet writer…working diligently to soon become a published author. For almost 10 years I‘ve coaxed my pen, or keyboard in most cases, in the direction of frothy romance novels and fan fiction.

Today, in honor of visiting Comicon and feeling first hand the frenzied love of devoted fans, I’ve decided to openly share a bit of fan fiction from one of my most beloved franchises – Harry Potter. This story actually began taking form many years ago. With a dozen or so scraps of notes, the entire plot was  laid out, a foundation set and the voice defined. I‘ve always enjoyed writing this untold story of Severus Snape, my personal hero from the series, but until today I’ve “chosen” to keep it under the invisibility cloak until it was nearly completed. Several more chapters are yet to unfold but I think it’s time to hear from fans if they want more. I haven’t designed a “real” site quite yet, for now I’m good with a simple wordpress template – after all “content is king” or in this case “half-blood prince.”