I love taking a vacation. It’s one of life’s little rewards for staying on task the other 350+ days of the year. To me, a vacation doesn’t mean a cruise to a tropical island or showing your passport at the airport. I could just as easily vacation right in my neighborhood. A drive up the coast, an afternoon at Disneyland, or even right here in my home, vacation to me is simply the chance to shift the perspective away from the everyday “process.”

I’ve been very fortunate in my life having traveled to almost all 50 US states between childhood vacations and business trips. I’ve hiked in Switzerland, skied in Tahoe and swam in the South Pacific. I’ve easily driven over a million miles between the vehicles I’ve owned and the half dozen cross country trip made when I was a kid. There have been family vacations at amusement parks (Hogwarts tops the scale), retreats to workshops in Santa Fe and even a whirlwind European escape of 14 countries in just 24 days. But no matter where my adventures take me, no matter how long I’m away or how many new and wonderful people I meet along the way, there’s nothing that could prepare me for the onslaught that awaits my return.

I tried really hard to keep my desk clear of the clutter before I headed away on my latest trip with the kids. I stacked my dream folders, I tucked all the projects in their clear pocket Pee Chees, and line up all the unread books back along the shelf.

Flash forward to the day after the “big trip” and I’m welcomed by  700+ emails, three hour long persona calls, a stack of unsolicited junk mail and a desk scattered with notes, projects, and the ultimate “To Do” list (I’m gonna copyright this one.) It’s time to focus on MY WORK again. My day gig consists of mentoring young artists, designing the occasional movie poster and coaching my clients on meaningful marketing decisions, but my REAL work is quite different. This work consists of writing education programs, creating networks of inspiration, brainstorming infographics, software and online communities.

Today I celebrate getting back down to the busy-ness business, and more importantly fousing on MY WORK. Because when it comes right down to it, the only boss I need to answer to is ME and I say, vacation’s over!