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FILTER noun: any of various devices used in removal of undesired contaminants.
FILTER verb: to remove by the action of a filter, to slow or partially obstruct the passage of
In the next couple days, in conjunction with wrapping up my monthly business newsletter, I’ll be drifting pen to paper and writing about the choices and process which defines our personal filtration process. It’s undoubtedly going to be one of the most personal articles I’ve ever written and I looking forward to reading it from the “other” side of the lense. In the meantime, I would like to share a poem written when my own filtering system reached capacity and the pain was hitting pretty close to the bone…thankfully my filters were cleared out and spirit is in a much better place today.
Push me through caverns consumed by fear
creatures with sharp teeth and claws
ravenous beasts feeding on souls
pulsing hearts echoing tears
walls closing in
body shaking
Push me onto dark treacherous roads
along wakes of rank mud
teeming with vile vermin
struggling to stand
drifting away
Push me over the edge
deep in the ocean
into the abyss
vast darkness
Push me along walls
roughened with age
bleeding, seeping
Push me forward
into emptiness
Push me