Every morning I wake up with the same goal…be the best mom ever. Be available, listen intently, feed healthy meals, combat sibling tantrums with positive reinforcement of each child’s special gifts. Most days I’ve already blown it in the first 20 minutes out of bed. I kick the dirty clothes from one side of the room to the other racing around late for work. If we’re running low of groceries frozen waffles or a piece of toast are tossed into the toaster while I siphen out the bills from the junk mail.

Today the challenges came at me a little harder. A high school friend emailed me with harsh, critically judgmental words out of the blue setting my morning in a self defense position. My chest clenched up. I could feel my heart heat up just under my ribcage making it difficult to focus. My young son became angry with me because I messed a few steps in our dance rehearsal. And later this evening my daughter broke down in tears because I couldn’t match a hair style she wanted for a party. Have you ever tried to create a match a comic illustration and turn it into a Greek goddess inspired hairstyle? Believe me, walk away, it’s not worth it pulling your own hair out.

This has been one of those tough weeks, one of the most difficult scheduling wise I’ve ever created. With only 4 more days before two of my summer’s biggest commitments will be over and in order for me to get through them and stay sane I must spend more time listening than doing,  I will also be gentle with myself. The judgmental accusations, the epic fails in hairstyling, the typo and grammar error that undoubtedly show themselves in this blog, I give them all a day pass because right now because right now I’m enough.

I’m not a super mom, I’m just a mom. I make mistakes, lots of them in fact…but without fail, I ALWAYS make an effort.