I made an interesting observation while reading Jonah Lehrer’s book Imagine. In it he quotes Louis Pasteur’s words often referred to in personal coaching and business arenas “Chance favors the prepared mind.” Although I would agree with Pasteur I think there is a missing component to the core truth in that statement. I believe that part of our human experience with taking chances goes hand in hand with our ability to weather the changes around us. So as our cultures, communities, and business industries shift so rapidly it’s even more critical to keep our senses keenly alert to our own personal transformations. Changes in our bodies, minds, habits and choices cannot be left to chance. We must learn to drive their direction, their natural intuitions and leave no change to chance.

Thank you muses for pointing the way to discover and filter meaningful change from the random happenstance coincidence. Today’s creation is my personal observation of how much I’ve changed over the past year – leaving none of it to chance. I’ve worked really hard transitioning from a reactive, fearful, defensive position, to one of focus, courage-ful and creativity.