Seriously, I must be insane. Who does this to them self? Schedule a major dance performance (with two sets of costume changes) and an all day (and sleepover) Goddess Birthday extravaganza in the SAME weekend? Add to that an upcoming week publishing a full promotional enewsletter, three business lunches and life’s other unexpected traumas. Yup, that’s me, the woman who creates way too much work for herself.

At times I watch my behavior like today as an outside observer, a very concerned friend. There is so much I would coach myself…dont be afraid to say no, focus on one thing, filter out the irrelevant, for God’s sake just stop giving away your talent. But so many times I feel like I’m racing a clock trying to pack as many beautiful life experiences as humanly possible. On top of saying YES too easily and “creating” far too many commitments, I don’t do anything half-ass. No, if perfection on a project means spending a little more, driving a little further or digging a little deeper I’m 100% fearless.

So as the weekend winds down and the Goddesses skuttle off to their temples for a little Grecian shuteye, I look to the week ahead remembering that I am what I create and I create from what I am.