When a view like this is 30 minutes, and less than $5 in gas away who needs Hawaii?

I’ll admit today was a bit of an exception. I don’t have access to the view from this gorgeous home anytime I want. It was the occasion of a going away party that allowed me to experience this amazing view. In a room of 40+ friends I sat quietly in a corner just soaking in every breeze, mist, and child’s laughter in an attempt to become present, to live in the now. It was glorious. I could have stayed there in silence for days. I’m normally not like that but when nature shares such a powerful gift like this, there is nothing left to say.

“Hello Beach” is how I began a short journal entry written in gratitude to the roaring ocean, warm sands, protective cliffs, and nurturing sun enveloping all us castaways in summer bliss. Today’s creation comes in the form of long overdue gratitude for living in beautiful Southern California and being lucky enough to experience glorious days like today.