I’ve already reached two-thirds of my goal for this blog. It’s been an incredible ride, taking my writing to places I never expected. I’m enjoying the process so much and look forward to meeting myself here everyday. Sometimes I know exactly what I want to share, other days I just show up and the words come out. Kinda like tonight.

Today’s creative adventure took me to an ever-inspiring Skype with my beautiful mastermind group followed by lunch with one of my academic mentors where we shared our concerns for the current educational crisis. Afterwards I reached out to a business development program creator with an invitation to talk about personal branding…I saw a need and knew I could lend a hand. We’ll see if my message hits home or if we share the same aesthetic values. Before wrapping up the day’s work escapades I wrapped up a custom lettering project soon to be entered in a design book submission.

As the day closes, I reflect on the simple purpose of this blog to focus on my creativity and document at least one creation per day. With only 120 days to go I’m tinkering with topics for the next stage. Here are just a few thoughts

1) Metaphors for life…each day I would identify a single metaphor and discuss its connection to the meaning of life

2) Dear OvercrEATor…Actually that title is a little misleading, This series of posts would each begin with a letter addressed to myself based on my mood, mental and emotional state.

3) Eschool…similar to creation of the day, this series would cover the creative lessons, teachings and process rather the than aesthetics and physical stuff.

4) The Visual Storyteller Critique Sessions…this would be more related to my business, but would certainly be fun to do and I would never run out of things to say. I would craft a written critique about a movie poster each day.

5) The story of me...yeah everyone has got to get this out at least once in their life right? God knows I have enough stories to share – from “I want a Pink Vader” to completely swelling up my feet after walking 39 miles in 2 days.
So there you have it. What’s your opinion? can you suggest another topic I should consider? Looking forward to hearing from ya’ll :-)