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I’ve discovered a lot about myself over these past few months in particular. I’ve emotionally let go of baggage that pulled at my spirit, dragging me down when my dreams were desperately trying to take flight. I’ve discovered that the tangibles of the past that I thought made me feel whole were in actuality nesting a deep hole in my heart. And most importantly I’ve discovered that what gives me most pleasure and heals broken bones and hearts is the comfort of great friends and the experiences that come from leading a present life absent of fear.

Today‘s creation is one of “putting myself out there.” In the past at business networking events I would transform into a wallflower. I would stay 100% focused on the presentation or guest speaker, but once the “educational” part of the event had passed I would quickly sneak out in fear that I would stumble over my words if I actually tried to hold down a conversation.

Tonight was different. Tonight not only did I socialize with the top brass at the event, but I through out to a social media expert  a BIG social media concept I’ve been brainstorming for a few weeks. Now I realize I may have just tipped my hat and he may take the same idea and make it happen with undoubtedly high capitol returns. But you know what I realized during our conversation? I didn’t “sell” him on my idea (which he said was good) what I sold him was ME. I spoke clearly, with conviction and shared a very complicated idea. I held his attention long enough to listen to a complete stranger and when his eyes lit up it gave me hope and validation.

So sometimes you just gotta put yourself out there. You’ve got to give into vulnerabilities and trust in your own value-abilities.