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I find myself diving into some pretty deep topics here on CreativeMuse365. Those who don’t personally know me may think I’m pretty stuffy, skeptical and even at times analytically academic. Although I will admit skepticism is pretty high up there on my personality characteristics scale, the other two adjectives, however, don’t even rate.

I often embarrass my kids by singing and dancing in public, laughing too loud in the theater and poking fun at myself at school functions. Seriously, when we take life too seriously, we simply pass up on life’s most gratifying memories.

Today, my kids and I created such a moment.

As we wrapped up some shopping errands at the mall, we crossed through a department store when all of a sudden all three of us shared an instant and simultaneous bout of giggles. (See picture above) We didn’t say a word, we just glanced at each other with that “did you see that?” look and bowled over in laughter. We laughed so hard in fact, tears streamed from our eyes and people around us began to stare.

It was such a silly scene – one where hearts were light and humor in sync. But through that brief moment of levity we created a memory that will forever live between us. Pay attention to these moments, etch them in your brain and hang on to them as long as you can. They are life’s most rewarding creations.