I have mixed feelings about awards. Each time a “Call for Entries” surfaces in my direction I question my motivation to enter. Is it to seek notoriety or establish leadership (the more politically correct would be “marketing”). Is it to gauge or rank the work against the competition? Or, is it to include the work into a collective work which documents some type of historical significance?

As an artist I’ve graciously hung my paintings alongside some of my favorite illustrators. As a business leader I’ve submitted client projects to everything from magazines to the Clio Awards. Awards create winners and losers. A few times, I’ve “won.”  Most of the time I come home empty handed. But all too often the high entry and publication fees reek of sponsoring organizations too profit minded for my taste. As my personal goals shift, I enter less. I save my energy for the next creative project instead of looking back on what was. I believe the most rewarding “award” rises when we aren’t seeking it – when our audience, colleagues and loved ones honor us with their words and reciprocated appreciation.

So with sincere gratitude to Jackie at swervingforbutterflies.com I share with you dear readers that CreativeMuse365 has been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

Back in December of 2011 I began this blog with the simple purpose of directing my often unfocused, distracted mind inward. I needed to balance my insatiable appetite for external inspiration by paying equal attention to what I create every day. Sometimes that creation manifests itself in a painting, or poem, other times it’s deeper and more personally meaningful. I consider the relationships and experiences shared here are my most treasured creations because they live perpetually within my heart.

So with abundant love I thank you Jackie for your nomination and with a full heart, I reciprocate your kind words.

As part of accepting this nomination, I’ve been asked to list Seven Things About Me that I haven’t already shared. Here goes :)

1. My first career goal was to be a on-air journalist, until I was scared to death to stand in front of a camera.
2. By the age of 14 I was dead-set on being a world-renowned female drummer – think Sheila E. meets Phil Collins.
3. When I was in high school I dated a guy whose mother was a professional parapsychologist and whose sister read palms – they shared some pretty uncanny predictions. I still tell those stories.
4. My biggest pet peeves are improper typographic use of an apostrophe, texting in theaters and missing a belt loop.
5. I’m a closet romance writer – whew, there I said it.
6. My biggest fear is scuba diving
7. I’m a type Seven Enneagram

Seven Blogs I whole-heartedly nominate for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.
Confessions Of A Professional Mom
The View Outside
400 Days Til 40
Blue Paper Lantern
My Chronic Life
Thank you to all who lead through positive inspiration and follow with love in their heart!

Cheryl :-)