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Today I had the honor to meet three inspiring women –  mothers who had become perpetual caregivers, daughters seeking support and wives with the personal will to survive a dying marriage. Women who have given of their hearts and souls, enduring immeasureable personal pain for the sake of family. They embodied the greatest of human strength, character and integrity. They would not give up, or give in. They are my heroes.

One particular woman’s story was reaching the critical stakes of personal survival. She questioned her actions and her compassion, yet beneath the tears welling just below the surface of her eyes I only saw granite – a rock of the most mighty fortitude. She needed to know someone else saw it in her even if she could not.

After stories of will and resilience were shared across the room I placed a calm, reassuring hand on hers and told her of the strength I saw inside. I also suggested that the works of Eckhart Tolle and Sarah Ban Breathnach may offer a new perspective as she continued to face life’s growing challenges. Most of all I offered her something more than a shoulder to lean on, I extended to her a soul mirror to reflect the strength we all saw in her. It was truly a humbling and inspiring day!